Escape to Everywhere!

Where’s Mary Poppin’ off to now?

Australian Children’s Book Week is coming! No, ok, so neither tomorrow, nor next week, nor even next month. Ahem…it’s late August, ok?! But the fact that it’s school report writing time is the perfect opportunity to procrastinate and be excited about, well, um, about something…anything…instead!

0000217_2017-book-week-poster-rolled_415Escape to Everywhere is this year’s grand theme. (Teachers will doubtless see the connection between what I’m doing now and what I really, truly should be doing now…inside…on this beautiful, gorgeously sun streamy day. Hello to all my lovely students at Saints in Hedland!).

So to help myself escape to anywhere and everywhere but here where my reports lie in wait, I thought I might make a list of a bunch of awesome kids’ lit that is aboutΒ  escape, or going places, or going away, or leaving, or returning, or finding home, or disappearing or… going anywhere but wherever it is you’re meant to be WRITING REPORTS!

Here’s my simple starter list. Maybe you can help? Add a comment, a book title if you can and I’ll pop it on this list. After all, I need to sort my costume. Soon. Say, by tonight. Otherwise it will force me to do the unprocrastinatable (I’m sure my class parents won’t mind if, instead of writing their child’s report, I send them a photo of me in my hand sewn Mr Chicken goes to Paris costume).

  1. Mr Chicken goes to Paris – Leigh Hobbs
  2. Mr Chicken lands on London – Leigh Hobbs
  3. Teacup – Matt Ottley
  4. Where the Wild Things Are – Maurice Sendak
  5. Around the World in 80 Days – Jules Verne
  6. Grandpa’s Great Escape – David Walliams
  7. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – CS Lewis
  8. Ned Kelly and the Green Sash – Mark Greenwood
  9. Simpson and his Donkey – Mark Greenwood
  10. Little Red Riding Hood – Traditional


I’m happy to add ideas here! In the meantime, does anyone have some yellow feathers I might borrow? Reckon I need about a trillion.

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PS. With much love and nuttiness to my Book Week buddy in character, the delightful Claire Wellbeloved, without whose ‘Wild Thing’ my 96 year old Miss Nancy would never have remembered where she was.